Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some weapon upgrades for the game RNG

These are some of the in-game pickups you are able to collect including (in order from top) Dual Laser Shooter, Flame Thrower, Detonation Bomb Canon, Charge Shot, and Bounce Shot. The Dual Laser Shooter is your basic weapon which shoots two small lasers in a straight line. The Flame Thrower shoots , as you would expect, a large flame to decimate your enemies. The Detonation Bomb Canon shoots a small projectile that you can detonate at will causing a large explosion that destroys anything that is within a certain radius. The Charge Shot will shoot a larger , more powerful projectile the longer you charge. And last but not least, the Bounce Shot deploys four lightning projectiles at an angle which bounce if they hit the borders of the screen. We are also thinking of adding a flaming boomerang weapon and a couple others, but for now I hope you enjoy some of my art.

P.S. I will post these in action soon :D

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