Friday, November 1, 2013

Helping a friend figure out an art style for his game.

These are some very early conceptual images I worked on for a friend who is making some type of racket ball game. I was exploring themes and color in these concepts as well as trying to pin down exactly what the guy wanted his game to be.

This top image could maybe be something like Portal, meaning it takes place in a futuristic facility but the player doesn't really know why they are there, allowing for focus on game play as opposed to a story line; which in this case would be open to interpretation and speculation. As for the HUD (blue), I am not a big fan of games that place a border of information around the screen so I thought applying the score ect. to the actual ball would keep the player focused on the game as their eyes are on the subject the entire time.

In this second image I wanted to create a darker tone which would lead to maybe creating something ridiculous like the player having to escape from alien infested Mars by playing racket ball! Or, maybe it just has a somber tone with slow distressing classical music.

In any case, we might end up with something completely different but I had a lot of fun coming up with these and the game should be awesome. I will be sure to post a link when it's released :D

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